Fender Passport Venue

http://franksofparkville.com/?fp=o ntdDc/zaeMlzxuJh8DFW1CtTi4k3X/xAVWkIE5b5ilX0x9qixFAIr3pQVIrYJXowf5dhP2CtNrYPQ7skFpDA== $999.99

why not try here Maximize the sonic punch of any large performance with the Passport Venue portable sound system. Its full-range speakers, versatile features, friendly front-panel controls and 600 watts of uncompromising sonic power provide powerful, clear and reliable Fender sound reinforcement ideal for larger venues and occasions, including band and DJ gigs; education, sporting and worship events; meetings, seminars and presentations and more.

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)