Gibson ES-330 (1960)

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Ooof. Here’s a good one.

From the original owner’s estate, this super clean pre-serial number 1960 ES-330 (factory order number R49932) is one amazing guitar. With the original Brown Lifton case, Gibson paperwork and mini adjustment screwdriver, this is a nearly all original ride. Non-original parts include a modern Gibson strap button in the heel of the guitar, and a broken tailpiece. The trapeze portion is original, but the right angle mount that is fixed to the body is a modern replacement. Original, broken mount included. A ground wire has been soldered in to the angle mount, behind the strap button. Bridge pickup measures at 9.41k and neck is 8.3k. Neck dimensions are .845″ deep and 1.715″ wide at the first fret and .925″ / 2.042″ at the 12th.

Condition of the guitar is truly excellent for its age. Very few dings of significance exist on the guitar. Almost all that are through the finish are found on the headstock and neck. The back of the guitar has a bit of coil cable reaction. Finish checking is very light and the color of the finish looks nearly new and quite vibrant.  The non-wire ABR-1 bridge has all original saddles, and sports a nice consistent, light patina. Other minor condition issues include the ‘G’ and ‘D’ string tuners having mild bends to them, a small crack in the 3 way switch tip and the bass side of the nut having a small chip. Fret wear is marginal, and truss rod functions perfectly. Excellent neck angle and what appears to be a great Brazilian fretboard to match.

An original brown Lifton case is always icing on the cake to any vintage Gibson. This particular one shows signs of a guitar that was played alot, but lovingly taken care of. The inside is quite clean, very bright in color and quite plush. Main discoloration being where the first few frets come in to contact with the top. The inside storage compartment is missing its pull tab for opening, and has some scotch tape as a replacement. This case is a great addition to a killer vintage Gibson.

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