K&K Sound Pure Pickup with Volume Control

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http://pinetreecurlingclub.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://pinetreecurlingclub.com/contact/ The Pure Pickup is our award-winning, signature pickup for acoustic guitars. Installed on the guitar's bridge plate, the Pure Pickup is the the best choice for achieving a rich, natural guitar sound — even without a preamp!

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The Pure Pickup’s position on the bridge plate provides the perfect balance of sound, picking up all the strings without sounding harsh or percussive and “listening” to the sound board to amplify the unique characteristics of your guitar. The result is a warm, full-range signal that represents the true character of your guitar. For Bob’s Guitars to professionally install this pickup, it will cost an additional $49.99. Please call us at 319-277-8863 for more info.